Wire Wrapping with Dean Bennett

Classes offered at Salt Lake City Gem Faire.

Only 4 seats available per class, so be sure to reserve a spot in advance.

Class schedule:

Open Time – Q&A  |  Friday, Saturday, or Sunday anytime if no classes are in session or as time permits.


Traditional Structured (Pendant) Class: Learn basic wire wrapping techniques to include measuring, binding and design techniques that are the foundation for creating a variety of traditional structured pendants & earrings.

Friday or Saturday 10am–5:30pm (7.5 hours with a half hour break 1:30pm-2pm)

Full day class fee $120, includes copper, jewelers brass, or silver filled metals, selected stones, materials and handouts. Partial day class may be available by reservation.

About Dean Bennett

deanDean Bennett has been collecting and using stones for jewelry all his adult life. He was fortunate years ago to take a basic wire wrapping class and since that time has advanced artistically with his own techniques. He now teaches classes in Northern Utah. Students will learn basic traditional principles while completing a piece to wear and be proud of. Most wire artists develop their own styles and techniques having learned the basic foundation methods. Dean’s classes emphasize that goal. Tools furnished for classroom use without charge. Samples of class projects will be on display.

Call  (801) 589-7945  ::  Email  susanbhandy@gmail.com