Wire Demonstrations with Wire Master Carolyn Eddy

Offered at Salt Lake City Gem Faires.

After a 2 year hiatus, Carolyn is excited to be back! Although, she will not be offering formal classes. Her passion for working with wire has motivated her to offer her effective and innovative kits and tutorial project sheets for sale during these demonstration/book signing appearances.

demo_projects* See display case for samples of kits & tutorial projects *

She invites you to come hang out, enjoy a laugh or two and make something fabulous. During independent construction sessions that are free with the purchase of one of Carolyn’s Project Sheets, Kits or Books, you can sit down make a piece of jewelry and Carolyn will be available during the show to help participants through any construction, mechanics or design problems they may encounter as they independently construct their jewelry project; with the exception of the following “Scheduled Free Lectures or Demo times.”

Demonstration Schedule:

Free Lecture − Wire Art Skills, Techniques & History  │  Fri, Sat, Sun 10:15am−10:45am

Free Demo (New Books) − Projects & Designs; Spool−Knitting & Ez4u2do Beading−Cord−Wire  │  Fri, Sat, Sun 12:15pm−12:45pm

Free Demonstration − Side Grooved Pendants  │  Friday 1pm−1:15pm

Free Demonstration − Free Form Bead Pendants  │  Saturday 1pm−1:15pm

Free Demonstration − Beaded Chain Basics  │  Sunday 1pm−1:15pm

Free Lecture − Tool Basics  │  Fri, Sat, Sun 3pm−3:15pm

Free Demonstration − Dangle Earrings & French Hooks  │  Friday 5pm-5:15pm

Free Demonstration − Scrap Chains  │  Saturday 5pm−5:15pm

Alerts: Preferential seating for construction participants.

  1. Allow a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours per project. All projects must be finished half an hour prior to closing.
  2. After purchasing one of my books, you may do one of the projects but you will also need to purchase the materials needed for the project, either from myself (if available) or from a Gem Faire vendor.
  3. Already have an autographed copy of my book? Bring it and all you have to do is purchase a materials kit from me. Call or email me at least 36 hours prior to the show to make sure I reserve you a kit.
  4. With all of the distractions during the show, it could take you more than one day to independently construct a Traditional Pendant or Bracelet working independently from my book “Let’s Get Wrapped.”

About Carolyn Eddy

carolyneddyallwrappedupletsgetwrappedWire Master, Carolyn Eddy has been creating stunning wire art jewelry for nearly 25 years. Her fine art background gives her a unique artistic insight and creative style to these age-old Wire Art skills. The same year Carolyn successfully completed the AFMS competitive judges training; she also competed and attained her AFMS master of wire arts, certificate and plaque. She has won numerous other awards both nationally and internationally. Her work has been juried and shown in numerous shows, fairs, street & heritage festivals and collections all across North America. The designs & instructions for Carolyn’s “Pearl & Crystal Wedding,” (Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet set) were featured in the January 2010 Bead Trends Magazine. Carolyn has also authored two books on Wire-Wrapping: “Let’s Get Wrapped” released in 2006 and “All Wrapped Up” released in 2009.

For 17 years (15 of those teaching classes for Gem Faire), Carolyn’s achieved national & international recognition as she traveled the country lecturing, demonstrating, teaching and making book signing appearances. Her classes and independent construction sessions promote “Mechanics & Design,” and are not based on a simple “Project Mentality.” The main objective of her sessions is to inspire creativity and motivate others to identify their own individual style.

Call (801) 391-1419 :: Email  ceddywrapwire@yahoo.com  OR  ez4u2ceddywrapwire@gmail.com