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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should my company exhibit with Gem Faire?
A: Because Gem Faire is the largest & most organized exclusive West Coast producer of fine gem, jewelry, bead, mineral, fossil shows that are attended only by serious collectors and buyers of your products. These attendees are wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and end users of your products and services.

Q: What equipment is included in my standard booth?
A: Each booth comes with tables, a company sign, and two chairs. Quantity of tables depends on size of booth you are contracting for. Please refer to our layout diagrams for booths.

Q: Can Gem Faire provide additional booth extras, if we desire them?
A: Yes! Gem Faire owns and maintains a considerable inventory of tables, chairs, drapes, skirting, full-vision glass showcases, framing, and more. Additional tables are available in 4 different sizes. Let us work with you to design and install a premium booth for your company at Gem Faire. (Advanced order is necessary due to limited quantity.)

Q: May we bring our own tables, chairs, or other floor display furniture?
A: Absolutely. Please keep in mind, however, Gem Faire does require from your insurance agency an insurance policy naming Gem Faire as “Additional Insured,” in the event of your table(s) collapsing, glass breaking, or other incident. Policy must be for one million dollars and provided to Gem Faire corporate office at least 30 days prior to your selected Gem Faire.

Q: Can I design and have Gem Faire provide a special booth for our company?
A: Yes. Gem Faire encourages each exhibitor to be unique and different that will exhibit their company’s products and services to a greater extent in receiving bigger orders and selling more of your products.

Q: May I rearrange my tables to make my booth bigger?
A: No. If you require a larger booth, contact the Gem Faire management, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Should you increase the size of your booth, you will be charged the additional fees. Remember, Gem Faire only sells frontage, your side table selling space is provided at no charge.

Q: Will I be charged to use my cheater boards to increase table area?
A: No, provided you are not extending over the front or outside of your tables that you have contracted for. This is especially important because of fire regulations and aisle widths that are required by local Fire Departments.

Q: Why do we have to pay for additional electricity wattage?
A: Because the local electrical contractors, when installing the electrical outlets, charge Gem Faire for exactly what we provide you. If you require additional wattage, Gem Faire charges you as we have to rent and pay for more electricity, in the form of Kilowatt hours, and wiring.

Q: Why can’t I keep my company sign at the close of the Gem Faire?
A: The sign is a property of Gem Faire. We keep your sign clean and attractive, and ready for your next Gem Faire. Plus, they are installed on your booth prior to your arrival. You may not put decals, credit card information or write on your sign. Remember, it is the property of Gem Faire.

Q: What are Gem Faire’s standard advertising programs and promotions?
A: Gem Faire has solid advertising & promotion campaigns. Hundreds of thousands of professionally designed full-color invitations are mailed directly to our regular attendees. Gem Faire also advertises in national & local trade magazines, local newspapers & interest publications, posters in local shops, radio & TV ads, Internet ads & promotions, transit, signs & billboards, social media, as well as distributing free passes to clubs, stores, organizations, and many more areas that bring enthusiastic buyers to your booth.

Q: May my company print and mail out our own invitations to our customers?
A: Absolutely! Gem Faire encourages your business to advertise your company’s presence at each Gem Faire. You can include one free pass for your client, so they can enter into the Gem Faire free of charge at the door. However, if you are not in a position to print your own personalized invitations, Gem Faire will do this for you, as we have a full graphics and print shop at your disposal. Contact Gem Faire directly, or one of their representatives at the show for more information and help in design layout.

Q: Does Gem Faire have a security lock-up area available?
A: Yes, either a secure room or large heavy steel cages are used for lockup while the show is not operated. Most exhibitors cover their booth with cloth. Some of the fine jewelry exhibitors do pack up their merchandise and put it in the security lock-up area overnight. Once the hall is secured, no excuse or reason will allow you in until the hall opens again at the set hour for all exhibitors to enter.

Q: What time can I, as an exhibitor, enter the hall each day?
A: Exhibitors may enter the hall anytime after 8am Friday, 9am Saturday and Sunday. You may NOT bring a friend, guest, or buyer into your booth early as part of our security procedures for your fellow exhibitors.

Q: Do I have to wear my Exhibitor badge at all times?
A: Yes. The badge identifies you as an authorized entrant, so security aids can remove unauthorized individuals during hours the hall is not open to the public.

Q: I fly to the Gem Faires, does Gem Faire provide cartage services?
A: At this time, Gem Faire does not offer this service.

Q: What insurance is provided on my cartage?
A: None. If you require insurance, contact your insurance broker.

Q: Do I need to have Liability Insurance?
A: Yes, this is mandatory. When you sign your contract, you guarantee that your company has a valid liability insurance certificate available in the event of a claim from some incident.

Q: Do we have to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?
A: Yes, this is absolutely mandatory, due to federal, state, and local regulations. You must have a worker’s compensation policy in force for all helpers, aids, employees, even if your helper is your friend, relative, or casual laborer, you must have worker’s compensation insurance.

Q: Why can’t I park my vehicle next to the exhibit hall?
A: First, and foremost because of local fire regulations. We have to keep the fire lanes open for any emergency vehicles, in the event of an emergency. Secondly, it is better to have your buyers able to park closer to the Gem Faire than exhibitors. Lastly, simple courtesy.

Q: Will there be RV space available for me at the Gem Faire grounds?
A: Most cases yes. But regulations and grounds change constantly. You may contact the Gem Faire corporate office to make sure. Or, you can make a reservation in a local RV park of your choice. The show facility is the best source for parking information.

Q: Is it okay to sublet some space in my booth to a friend?
A: No, subletting is not allowed.

Q: Are there any discounts on booth prices?
A: Yes, there’s a $50 discount on booth prices if you submit the contract along with FULL payment 99 days in advance (cash, check or credit card accepted), with the exception of Sacramento & San Diego Gem Faires.
There is also a special 99 day cash prepay contract, where you can save up to $150 in most cases. These Special Discount 99 Day Prepaid Contracts require the following terms & conditions: no floating deposit; no refund; no cancellation; no transfer; no credit card; only cash or check accepted. For more info or complete Terms & Conditions, please see the back of the Discount 99 Day Prepaid Contract.

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind or cancel?
A: Please read your contract. There is a $100 cancellation fee due, regardless of reason for cancellation, if it’s made 45 days prior to the show dates. If the cancellation is made within 45 days of the show dates, the penalty is 100%.

Q: Can I wholesale from my retail booth?
A: Yes. However, you need to ask your wholesale customers to provide you a proper documentation, such as a resell license (where applicable).

Q: Can my Gem & Mineral Club have free exhibit space at Gem Faire?
A: Absolutely. Have your club representative contact Gem Faire for space requirements, etc.

Q: I am a teacher at a local school, may I bring my class to Gem Faire for free?
A: Yes. We encourage all local schools, and students of all ages to attend your local Gem Faire. Please call our corporate office for details and assistance.

Q: May I teach a special how-to class at Gem Faire?
A: Yes, depending on space and rooms required. We can accommodate your classes in all locations. We will also help promote your classes.